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The Salem Rose Society is a group of rose-growing folks that enjoy touring open gardens in warm-weather months.
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March 9, 2013

This Blog is getting seedier

Today Maryann and I had an enjoyable time at the Grange Hall over in Silverton at the Third Annual Silverton Seedy Saturday Seed Exchange.  We handed out rose hips to some really brave people who were interested in growing roses from seed.  Good luck to ALL -- we enjoyed meeting you and hearing your concerns (we learned a lot from you, too).

We were fortunate enough to meet Gus today -- he is the mastermind behind the digital time-lapse videos of these events.  Two have already been posted to YouTube (for 2011 and 2012), and we now eagerly await the latest one that was "filmed" today.  Links to the YouTube videos are provided below, but first let's meet our new friend Gus --

Gus and Maryann

See the camera mounted at the top of the ladder between Maryann and Gus?   That's the one.

For your viewing pleasure, here are the links to YouTube; just click on the links for some real live action (you'll see!) --
Seedy Saturday -- 2012

Update of March 10, 2013:    Gus works FAST.  Here's the link to yesterday's seedy extravaganza --
Seedy Saturday -- 2013