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The Salem Rose Society is a group of rose-growing folks that enjoy touring open gardens in warm-weather months.
Casual visitors are also welcome to join the tour.

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August 15, 2017

Friends and Roses (times 2)

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Open garden of August 15, 2017:    We're going to double-up on the yearly visit  to Mike's garden -- this year's meeting was held on a very mellow August evening.  Among other guests, we had esteemed visitors from the Dallas Garden Club, shown below with Maryann -- rare folks flanked by some rare roses:

Open garden of June 26, 2016;    We've been waiting for a mellow evening to have our first meeting of the year.  The weather finally cooperated yesterday evening, and we met at Mike's place for a very pleasant visit with old friends  amidst a  slightly different kind of garden.  Remember that honorary membership in the Salem Rose Society is granted to anyone who attends one of our meeting-in-the-garden events (no dues and no hassle).

The spirit of the evening is captured in the following photo collage, and we are again indebted to befunky.com for providing the collage making tools.  Of note are the attendees shown in the upper right photo:  Pilane (emeritus president of the Society) and Maryann (current president).  The bottom photo shows a good portion of the rose garden in the background.  To see why the garden is "slightly different", just click on the following link (but don't forget to come back here).  Link: A rose garden that has its own blog

November 10, 2015

A collage to end the season

We bid farewell to another rose growing season.  Photos of some of the garden visits of this past year are presented in the collage shown below.  Just keep reading this blog for the specifics of each garden  and even more photos.  A special thanks to the smart people at BeFunky, whose website befunky.com allows anyone to use their free online collage making tools.

September 2, 2015

Resplendent roses at St. Timothy's Church

Congratulations to Mike G for his careful tending of the roses at St. Timothy's.  Quite a few folks were on hand for this late afternoon's tour of the garden, led by Mike.  That's him to the right in the first photo below, and that's one of the resident roses in the second photo.   The 5 o'clock light of a mildly overcast afternoon brought out the color of this 'Chicago Peace' rose, and it was absolutely glowing.

John, Harriet, Larie, Laveryne, Maryann, Mike G
The 'Chicago Peace' rose

The photo below captures the wide length of the rose bed.  Mike lets the roses grow to a good size, as you can see when you compare the rose bushes to the height of the onlookers.

But the garden has some depth, too.  At both ends, the bed wraps around with many more rose bushes.  The photos below show the extensions on either side.

Left flank and front

Right flank and front

August 21, 2015


Laveryne was the gracious host of yesterday evening's open garden.  It had been two years since we last visited her garden, so I finally got a chance to redeem myself for the "issues" that I had with my camera when photographing that event.  Also, it was not long after that visit that I started using the photo "stitching"  computer software that came on a CD when I bought the camera.  You'll see the results below.

First let me say that Laveryne is affiliated with the Marion County Master Gardener Association and also the Salem Hardy Plant Society.  Her Master Gardener skills show throughout the garden, and her roses are complemented by an outstanding collection of perennials, shrubs, and trees.

As you see in the two photos below, quite a few rose bushes greet visitors as they approach the front yard.  Laveryne is seen identifying the roses for a group of SRS members and friends. 

Front yard
Maryann, Laveryne, Mike G, Harriet, Brad, Arlene

Hopefully, the next two stitched photos do justice to a spectacular  back yard.

June 15, 2015

Annual open garden at Mike C's

A small group of us enjoyed the many and varied roses at Mike C's garden this evening.  The discussions were dynamic, and Bill walked away with some highly coveted cuttings -- his reward for having hosted our previous open garden.  The stitched photo below captures the spirit of the evening.  You may want to look back one year to the post of July 25, 2014 (titled Tall roses, and some short ones too), where a "guest photographer" caught a couple images of the elusive Mike C.  And wouldn't you know it, Mike has a rose blog with lots of photos that you are welcome to read, and here's the link: mikesroses-salem.blogspot.com

Bill,      Candy,      Maryann                                                                      

May 31, 2015

Bill's garden is looking very nice

The tour of Bill's garden was of a self-guided nature this year due to family commitments.  However, Bill was able to spare a brief period with Maryann and her photographer/blogger comrade today, the last day of May.  As seen in the photo below, the garden is a masterpiece.  The neighborhood is very lucky to have this in its midst.

Below are a couple more photos, taken at closer range.  If Bill looks familiar, maybe you have seen him over at the Bush Pasture Park Rose Garden, where he volunteers as the caretaker of the large group of "Miss Sally's Roses".    Also, for a look back in time, click on the tab at the top of the blog, the one that says GARDEN TOURS & PHOTOS.   Once there, browse down to the area of Vintage photos from Summer of 2011.   You'll see a photo of Bill's garden (and people) from 4 years ago.

March 29, 2015

Happy New Rose Year !

With the benign weather that we had this late Winter and early Spring, you bet we would take advantage of it.  We were at Maryann's "rose ranch" today for some rose pruning tips, the candidate rose being a healthy medium-sized shrub along the back fence.  It was a bit overgrown and needed some thinning out, but at the same time needed to retain a semblance of its original height and shape.
All things considered, it was a masterful pruning job, as you will see in the before and after photos below:

Virginia, Martha, Maryann, Anne, Craig
Martha and Maryann

With a mound of clippings lying about, and with some showing some healthy new leaf buds, Maryann demonstrated how to score the bottom of a selected cutting (left photo), while three prepared cuttings (right photo) await some rooting hormone powder or planting as-is.

August 28, 2014

An evening with the Masters

We had a very enjoyable time yesterday evening at the Marion Demonstration Garden right here in the center of Salem (on Center street, no less).  As stated by the powers that be, namely the Oregon State University Extension Service, this garden is a project of the Marion County Master Gardener Association.  We are fortunate to have 2 of their master gardeners as members of the Salem Rose Society.  So, thanks Laveryne and Fred for facilitating our private tour of the garden, especially because one of their 20+ demonstration plots is a strikingly beautiful large bed of roses.

We'll set the scene with a photo of some of the beds (below left) which were adjacent to where we first gathered (below right) for an early evening snack enjoyed by a mingling of master gardeners and rose gardeners.  Notice the handsome "Rose Garden" sign in the lower-left of the second photo.

The next photo shows how well positioned the large rose bed is in the overall context of the gardens.

And now for a closer look at the roses themselves, with Laveryne introducing us to the various rose varieties.  There were an awful lot of blooms for late August, so congratulations are due to the master gardeners for their dedication to the roses.

For more information about the Master Gardener program, here's a couple of links to pertinent web-sites:  

July 25, 2014

Tall roses, and some short ones too

We were at Mike C's (yours truly) garden for a visit yesterday evening.  Most of the roses there have been grown from seed, and some have risen to great heights over the years.  For example, the first photo below shows Craig (who is 6' 2" tall) standing behind an unnamed rose seedling that is 8 feet tall and whose "seed parent" is the pink-flowered 'Queen Elizabeth' rose seen at the extreme left of the photo.  The unnamed seedling is in its 6th growing season.

Maryann      Martha     Craig
Martha  Mike H   Craig  Maryann  Emily

The photo below shows you what a typical rose looks like in its first growing season -- I'm pointing at one that is just about ready to open its very first bloom.  This is a 4 month old seedling whose "seed parent" is the 'Red Galaxy' rose.  In the photo on the right I am showing Emily a rose-gall on a species rose named Rosa glauca (more photos are on Google Images  -- search for: robin's pincushion).  You can look back at a couple of previous posts in this blog for more photos and information:  December 12, 2011  (I hope they're friendly wasps)  and  May 11, 2012  (Garden visitors).

Emily   Martha   Mike C
Emily         Mike C

June 26, 2014

St. Timothy's revisited

We were fortunate yesterday in more ways than one.  Not only did the rose garden at St. Timothy's Church put on a fabulous display, but some rather heavy rain held off until we were finished with our tour.

Congratulations are due to Mike G for making this garden a very special place, as you will see in the photos below.  First, let me remind you that our previous visits here are described in GARDEN TOURS & PHOTOS (our visit in 2013 -- click on the tab at the top of this blog) and also in the post of August 15, 2012 titled An Afternoon at St. Timothy's (our visit in 2012).  

It was difficult to select the best photos from yesterday's visit, but this means that the ones shown below survived some very vigorous judging:

The rose garden at St. Timothy's Church
June 25, 2014

The photo to the left below may be a bit staged, but we do that to get the 3 Mikes in a row.  From left to right are John, Mike H, Mike C, Gene, and Mike G.  In the photo to the right are Maryann, Gene, and Mike G.

 And now for some pretty roses.  The photo to the left shows a rose bush that Mike G grew from seed and which he named 'Miss C' (for his wife).  The parent of this rose is a rose grown from seed by Mike C, which he named 'Red Galaxy' (for all the red galaxies out there).  The rose shown on the right hardly needs an introduction -- it is the great 'Double Delight'.

June 9, 2014

"May" meeting

We had our "May" meeting yesterday, which would be on June 8th -- you can't fault us for not being flexible in our scheduling.  Our hosts were Shanthi and Pilane, who treated us with a walk-through of their beautiful rose garden.  The first two photos below show a view of the garden from the deck, and then a look back at the deck from the end of the garden.  The rose blooms were spectacular, so much so that it's been adopted by a friendly cat.  Click the first photo to enlarge it and you will see the kitty at the bottom of the stairs.

The third photo shows Shanthi and Pilane right in the middle of the beautiful garden, together with society friends Mike and Bernie.  Then, in the fourth photo we have . . . . hey, wait a minute, there's that cat again!

April 30, 2014

A good start to the new ROSE YEAR

We're trying something new this year, namely being flexibile in scheduling our monthly meetings.  We'll choose a good-weather day toward the end of each month and meet outside in people's gardens in the late afternoon to early evening.  There should be a good variety of rose related activities to keep us interested and busy -- yesterday being a good case in point.

We met over at Maryann's garden for a mid-Spring pruning demonstration, catching up with some rose canes that didn't quite reveal that they were dying off until now.  That's Maryann in the first photo sharing the nuances of identifying what and where to prune.  Her garden has a LOT of different roses and rose types, and in the second photo we "rambled" to her front yard to see how the rambling rose named 'Perennial Blue' is doing.  That's it climbing up the pillar on the front porch.

Photo #1
April 29, 2014
Photo #2
April 29, 2014

Two more items of interest are shown below.  The third photo shows what's left of the the floribunda rose named 'Irish Hope'.  Look closely and you will see several new canes starting to emerge, so 'Irish Hope' does indeed have hope.   This rose, by the way, was budded onto a rootstock rose, and is yet behaving as if it's on its own roots.  Maryann always gives her roses one last chance, cutting dead canes down to the crown and hoping for the best; in this case it paid off.  The fourth photo shows a couple of rose canes that really caught our eyes in the early evening sun.  As it turns out, these were suckering canes from a rootstock rose, very likely from one of the varieties of Rosa canina.

Photo #3
April 29, 2014
Photo #4
April 29, 2014

June 12, 2013


Our summer meetings will be more in the line of get-togethers in members' gardens, so we'll be seeing a lot of really nice roses.  The dates could be set on relatively short notice, because we have to keep a close eye on weather conditions.  So, be sure that you are on our mailing list (our address is above), and check your email regularly.

Update of August 14, 2013:  Photos from FIVE of our open gardens of 2013 may now be viewed by clicking on the tab above -- GARDEN TOURS & PHOTOS.

Update of July 25, 2013:  Looks like all the photos of our roses at the Marion County Fair are now present and accounted for. You may view them by clicking on the tab -- AT THE COUNTY FAIR.

June 11, 2013

May meeting and rose shows

Late May and early June are busy times for members of the SRS, and this year a stretch of warm May weather resulted in an abundance of beautiful rose blooms.  The the first two photos below are from our meeting held in late May, with Mechelle our newest member and Ed our most tenured member surrounded by some gorgeous blooms.

 The third photo (Mary and Bernie's garden) shows the precautions that sometimes have to be taken to prepare blooms for rose shows, the umbrellas serving as protection from the ever threatening rain.  The fourth photo shows Char's award winning rose arrangement at the Portland Rose Society's rose show held in early June.

March 9, 2013

This Blog is getting seedier

Today Maryann and I had an enjoyable time at the Grange Hall over in Silverton at the Third Annual Silverton Seedy Saturday Seed Exchange.  We handed out rose hips to some really brave people who were interested in growing roses from seed.  Good luck to ALL -- we enjoyed meeting you and hearing your concerns (we learned a lot from you, too).

We were fortunate enough to meet Gus today -- he is the mastermind behind the digital time-lapse videos of these events.  Two have already been posted to YouTube (for 2011 and 2012), and we now eagerly await the latest one that was "filmed" today.  Links to the YouTube videos are provided below, but first let's meet our new friend Gus --

Gus and Maryann

See the camera mounted at the top of the ladder between Maryann and Gus?   That's the one.

For your viewing pleasure, here are the links to YouTube; just click on the links for some real live action (you'll see!) --
Seedy Saturday -- 2012

Update of March 10, 2013:    Gus works FAST.  Here's the link to yesterday's seedy extravaganza --
Seedy Saturday -- 2013

September 28, 2012

September meeting / rose display

The annual September rose display was held at our meeting on the evening of the 26th.  There was a good crowd of members as well as roses in the informal and intramural rose show, complete with experienced judges and prizes / awards.  Here's some of the growers in attendance and their beautiful roses:

Wes      Nadine    Laveryne
Bill        Bernie          Fred

Joyce    Bill    Laveryne    Bernie   Fred
Mike G.     Nadine    Laveryne    Bernie
 Joyce    Bill    Fred 

Shanthi      Pilane
Maryann       Wes