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The Salem Rose Society is a group of rose-growing folks that enjoy touring open gardens in warm-weather months.
Casual visitors are also welcome to join the tour.

Send us an email at salemrosesociety@gmail.com and we will let you know about upcoming events.

June 15, 2015

Annual open garden at Mike C's

A small group of us enjoyed the many and varied roses at Mike C's garden this evening.  The discussions were dynamic, and Bill walked away with some highly coveted cuttings -- his reward for having hosted our previous open garden.  The stitched photo below captures the spirit of the evening.  You may want to look back one year to the post of July 25, 2014 (titled Tall roses, and some short ones too), where a "guest photographer" caught a couple images of the elusive Mike C.  And wouldn't you know it, Mike has a rose blog with lots of photos that you are welcome to read, and here's the link: mikesroses-salem.blogspot.com

Bill,      Candy,      Maryann