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The Salem Rose Society is a group of rose-growing folks that enjoy touring open gardens in warm-weather months.
Casual visitors are also welcome to join the tour.

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June 26, 2016

Friends and roses

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We've been waiting for a mellow evening to have our first meeting of the year.  The weather finally cooperated yesterday evening, and we met at Mike's place for a very pleasant visit with old friends  amidst a  slightly different kind of garden.  Remember that honorary membership in the Salem Rose Society is granted to anyone who attends one of our meeting-in-the-garden events (no dues and no hassle).

The spirit of the evening is captured in the following photo collage, and we are again indebted to befunky.com for providing the collage making tools.  Of note are the attendees shown in the upper right photo:  Pilane (emeritus president of the Society) and Maryann (current president).  The bottom photo shows a good portion of the rose garden in the background.  To see why the garden is "slightly different", just click on the following link (but don't forget to come back here).  Link: A rose garden that has its own blog